Friday, October 8, 2010

Westward Ho!

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Welcome to the companion to my other blog, Junk Shop Juke Box. I post mostly unusual rock and roll type stuff over there, obscure b-sides etc, but i like to switch it up and play a little bit of everything... This blog is where i plan on sharing some selections from my ever growing vintage children's record collection.

Some of these will be things that i owned when i was a kid, but the majority of what will end up here are old 78s that i have rescued from thrift stores and junk shops.

I transferred the 78s by playing them at 45 rpm and speeding up the digital files using Audacity. I cleaned them up the best i could, but don't expect super high fidelity here, it's a miracle that some of them survived all these years at all.

Just picked this one up a few weeks ago. Ran me a whole 25 cents.
Hope you enjoy.

The Ballad Of John Colter

Pioneer's Prayer

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Phillip Signey said...

Great one to start with; had this one as a kid