Friday, December 24, 2010

Adeste fidelis

Christ- am i glad this is finally over. Normally i'm not the biggest fan of Christmas music, but i figured i ought to do something with all of these records. Sharing them here seemed like the thing to do. Hopefully someone enjoyed a few of them- In all of their super low fidelity, sizzlin bacon glory.... I only ended up with a few leftover sides, and a few that never got converted. I guess i'll save them for next year.

Merry Cristmas to all who celebrate it. And to my Jewish friends- Enjoy your Chinese food dinner. And to my Chinese friends- Good morning.
Happy day all! Catch you in a few.




Ernie said...

I love these little Christmas records! Thank you so much for taking the time to share them, and for the scans, too!

Merry Christmas!

Noma Lights said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas records. I love all the Caroleers and Sandpipers tunes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rockin' Jeff, I am enjoyin' both your companion blogs, Thanks for playing these little records, the music lives on within 'em, Great to hear ya givin' em a spin. I have a few myself, one of these ol' days, I'll post 'em as well. Byron in L.A.