Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Farmer in the dell

I still have a stack as tall as a beer can of these little 78s still waiting to be converted, i've just been lazy lately. I don't actually have a 78 player, so i have to play them at 45 (Which takes a little bit longer) then run the digital files through Audacity to bring them up to the proper speed. Then i have to convert the files from super-duper high quality format to MP3. Then there's the scanning of the labels... Then cropping and attaching the graphics to the audio files.....

It's a time consuming process, so i don't get around to converting 78s very often. Hence the lack of posts as of late. 45s are easier to do, so i do batches of them a lot more often. The wife's going to be out for a few hours this afternoon, and if i get the initial audio recorded while she's gone, (so she doesn't have to hear the slowed down versions of these obnoxious old kiddie songs) it should only take me another two hours or so to get the rest of it done.

With that said- here's your minute of sound. I think this is the last of the Little John Records from my digital archive. Until i make more, that is...




Ravel said...

I simply write to give you courage. 78's are a long process (since it's not funny to hear them at 45! Hahaha!)but it's worth it. :-)

Byron said...

Thanks so much for your efforts and how much time it takes to make it all happen. Really appreciated and enjoy listenin' to eventually all of 'em !
Nice Finds, I'd have to post my own one of these ol' days, Byron in L.A.