Thursday, March 10, 2011

Knight Rider

Even when i listened to this one as a kid i thought it was cheesy. It hasn't really improved with age either... Check it out- It's worth hearing once.

Included are mp3s of both sides, about 5 minutes each, and giant scans of the whole 24 page read-along book.
Get the whole shebang HERE.

...and don't be afraid to say thank you. I'm nice, i'll say you're welcome back.




Anonymous said...

I Can't get this to download from the Mediafire link.

When you click the download button it it says download starting but never brings up save file box.

Could you try to re-upload this on a different fileshare like Megaupload please. Thankyou

Rockin' Jeff said...

Mediafire worked fine for me, but here's another link anyway.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Rockin' Jeff.

Sara said...

Thanks for sharing! You rock!