Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Big toy band parade

Hey mom- We're starting a band!

get it.




Tattered and Lost said...

Can't help but smile, especially when I imagine the adults making this record.

Love the company name, Precision Plastics. That's a keeper!

Rockin' Jeff said...

I've often thought about the grown-ups recording these songs too. Who were they? Where are they now?

I have about 20 of these on the 'little john' label. I think they are all from 1950 & '51. They are made of plastic- not vinyl- like normal records, and the label graphics are great. The sound quality on these is pretty rough to say the least, but i don't think any of them actually skip.

SteveD said...

I had some of these when I was a kid. I just found out that the writer of many of these tunes, Pat Ballard, wrote Mr. Sandman, a hit for the Chordettes in the 50s. I don't know the condition that these were recorded under, but for best sound, you should use a 78 stylus, as 78 records had a wider groove than 33s & 45s. The right stylus would pick up less surface noise.

Rockin' Jeff said...

Cool. I didn't know that Chordettes bit, but it doesn't surprise me. Pat Ballard was probably responsible for other similar type songs of that era.
As for the 78 stylus- yeah i know, but i don't have one, and i don't have the money to get one, and i just want to hear the records as i find them... Mabye someday i'll re transfer them, but it wont be for a good long while.