Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Poppin Popcorn

How about a little 'pop' music..? Sorry, i couldn't resist.


get it



Tattered and Lost said...

Never heard it before but I LOVE it!

Ravel said...

Love it too!!! I played with it: noise reduction, removing scratches and so on.
Only thing: I had no popcorn while doing it.
Question: a couple of years ago, I wrote to a guy who was collecting these little children record and he was working on a discography. I sent him a list of what I have in my collection. I wonder if it's you?

Rockin' Jeff said...

It wasn't me putting together the discog, but if you find the guy again shoot me another message here. I have a good amount of these, maybe i could help/add something/etc...

Ravel said...

Jeff... I lost his track... :-(