Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy little bluebird

Usually i don't do requests, because i never actually have the song being requested. This morning I got an email from a reader looking for a song that i actually have. (I think.)
I hope this is the song she was asking for. If not, well... Oops.
This ones for Carynne.


get happy




andreastuart said...

I'm curious about this and the other Little John Record posted below... are they one sided records? or what is on the second side (and omitted here)?

I'm doing some research into the history of children's records and would really like to know!

Thanks for any help,
Andrea Stuart
MA candidate in musicology and book history at the University of Toronto
Resident Junior Fellow, Massey College

Rockin' Jeff said...

They are all two sided, just like regular records. I only post one side at a time here for the short attention span internet set.

I'm moving in a few days, but give me a week or so and I can send you a list of what i own, and which songs are paired together...