Tuesday, February 14, 2012

When you wish upon a star

I thought i'd have a more Valentine-y kids record to share for Valentines day, but i got nothing. I guess 6 year olds in the 1950s weren't concerned with such things...
Can't say as i blame them.

make a wish




rachaellou17 said...

I love what you're doing with the page & wanted to connect with you and let you know that the wait is over! Throughout 2012 Little Golden Records is planning to relaunch! You can join the Little Golden Records Fan Page at facebook.com/littlegoldenrecords, Twitter: @GoldenRecords, and youtube.com/littlegoldenrecords. Also, all of the music that is currently digitized and available can be found here: http://littlegoldenrecords.com/golden-music.

You can also contact me at contact@littlegoldenrecords.com!

KL from NYC said...

Uh, oh. I just read the previous comment.

Oh, well.
I was going to tell you that I'd found one of these, too, but the label on yours is in much better shape.

BTW, If you ever plan to take any of your blogs private, send me an invite.)

Rockin' Jeff said...

Yeah-- I don't know how much i trust the real-ness of that previous comment... In the email i received it was all links (which i didn't follow) but when it appeared as a comment here, no links, so i left it. Those addresses on Twitter & Facebook don't exist, so... Sketchy, but harmless.

Not going private anytime soon, or ever, but if i was going to, i will.

KL from NYC said...

It could be real, but probably not.

The "heirs" of the Synthetic Plastics recordings (Peter Pan, Spin-O-Rama, Diplomat, etc) have been re-releasing things on iTunes and other venues, and they left comments on quite a few blogs.
I've forgotten what their website name is, and I don't know if they're taking things from master tapes or what.

Golden Records had been owned by the publisher of Golden Books (Simon & Schuster, I think) and the children's book and record division was sold to the company that owned the low-budget Whitman Publishing Company, which I think went out of business in the late-1990s (I think they marketed them as "AA"). So I doubt there are any valid copyright claims forthcoming (unless they consider logos like Disney and Howdy Doody -- let's hope not).

BTW, when Google redesigned their blog templates, the "subscribe to comments" option was taken off the pop-up box and the style with the generic comments page, but they left it on the style that looks like the blog page with a white box to type in. I don't know what the style is called, but I would have been a lot more timely with my answer if it had been there.
I have no idea why they made those "improvements."

Rockin' Jeff said...

Thanks for the info, and the tip about the comments page. I changed the format on both of my blogs.

KL from NYC said...

Nope. It's not this comment template (this is the generic page).
So, it's not this one, and it's not the pop-up -- what's the name of the one that looks like the blog but has a white box to type in?
I wish I had saved this info. Someone at another blog had posted it. That would've made things a lot easier, huh?