Friday, September 21, 2012

The Jetsons

Howdy folks. haven't been here in a while so i figured i throw a post out here to keep this thing alive. It's been a hectic summer and i've barely been able to keep up with my other main blog Junk Shop Juke Box.
I hope to be back posting here more soon. i have TONS of new stuff to scan and record and share. For now, lets have a listen to some Jetsons shall we..?
side one

side two


Tattered and Lost said...

Terrific! Always fascinating to listen to old kids music and find jazz as the influence. They'd never do that these days.

Dwight Casey said...


have missed your posts - thanks for the new one.

KL from NYC said...

Sounds like they used the actual voice actors, except for Astro.

Why did kiddie records companies insist on making microgroove records for children with close-n-play phonographs (that had an equivalent of a penny nail for a needle)?

Mint condition Peter Pan Popeye book & record (Synthetic Plastics NJ) here:

Rockin' Jeff said...

Tell me about it. I have a Star Trek 45 (45 rpm) on Peter Pan Records that clocks in at over eight minutes per side! You look at the thing the wrong way and it skips like a well tossed flat stone on still water...

KL from NYC said...

PS - The Popeye-Olive Oyl record has a "cbr" file, which I think is a scan of the book.

I have no experience with "cbr" files (although I think I tried to find some info on it at one time) so I'm not sure.