Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Git along little doggies

There will be more frequent posts in the future. For real this time. I'm sitting on tons of this stuff...
I recently moved (again) and finally got my records unpacked and sorted out- They've been in storage for the better part of a year, so i'm rediscovering stuff i had forgotten about... There's that, and things that i've picked up more recently.

Also, a friend has offered to lend me her collection of 50 or so kids 45s and 78s so they can be featured here... I looked through them already and with the exception of one or two titles, it's ALL stuff i don't already own! I'm pretty excited about that. So i'll be recording and scanning those in the next few weeks as well...

I picked up this gem at a flea market in Kentucky this past August. On a label i've never seen, with graphics that are too cool for words... It's too bad that one is a bit damaged. The other side is perfect though. Not bad for a 62 year old record that i paid a quarter for.

Get along


get along little dogies

buster the bronco buster




KL from NYC said...

I'll have to come back to get this one later.

I stopped by to tell you that had a notice (no date on when it was put up):

"After seven wonderful years, we are winding down and [are]... calling it quits. Of course, we will remain online indefinitely. Thank you for supporting us! In what has become a holiday tradition, we have brought back Uncle Dave's popular Christmas collections, compiled mainly from the Peter Pan, Little Golden and Cricket labels."

(I'll be back later)

Dewey said...

Good record! I've got this but with completely different Voco labels and more of a ketchup-colored vinyl. Love your site.