Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Git along little doggies

There will be more frequent posts in the future. For real this time. I'm sitting on tons of this stuff...
I recently moved (again) and finally got my records unpacked and sorted out- They've been in storage for the better part of a year, so i'm rediscovering stuff i had forgotten about... There's that, and things that i've picked up more recently.

Also, a friend has offered to lend me her collection of 50 or so kids 45s and 78s so they can be featured here... I looked through them already and with the exception of one or two titles, it's ALL stuff i don't already own! I'm pretty excited about that. So i'll be recording and scanning those in the next few weeks as well...

I picked up this gem at a flea market in Kentucky this past August. On a label i've never seen, with graphics that are too cool for words... It's too bad that one is a bit damaged. The other side is perfect though. Not bad for a 62 year old record that i paid a quarter for.

Get along


get along little dogies

buster the bronco buster